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Complete or partial dentures are dental devices designed to substitute multiple or all missing teeth.
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Candidates for Dentures

Did you realize that nearly a fourth of adults over 65 years have lost all their teeth? Dentures stand as a widely recognized and trusted remedy for tooth loss. Their realism and reliability are such that you’ve likely conversed with someone wearing them without even realizing it. Considering dentures for yourself? Wanting to restore multiple or all of your teeth? If you’re looking to replace only a couple of teeth, other options are also on the table.

To determine if you’re a suitable candidate for this dental solution, you should:

  • Be looking to replace numerous or all of your teeth.
  • Be non-smokers or refrain from using tobacco products.
  • Possess a robust jawbone (we can assist with that!)
  • Not have chronic dry mouth since dentures can exacerbate this.
  • Be committed to maintaining your dentures, both at home and through regular dental check-ups, much like you would for natural teeth!

What you need to know about dentures.

Already own dentures?

Maintain your dentures through regular cleanings and check-ups. Even those with impeccable prosthetics should schedule periodic dentist appointments. During your consultation, we’ll assess the fit of your dentures, as well as inspect your gums, tongue, jaw, and the overall interior of your mouth. Simply put, we prioritize your overall oral well-being, not just the state of your teeth.

At home care with dentures.

Always take out your dentures at night to allow your mouth some respite. Submerge them in lukewarm water, with or without denture solution. For dentures with metal components, stick to plain lukewarm water, as other solutions might discolor the metal. When not in use, store your dentures submerged to prevent them from drying or becoming misshapen. Refrain from using hot water for this purpose.

During the times your dentures are out, it’s vital to clean and gently massage your gums. If you find your toothbrush too abrasive, soften it under warm water or opt for a soft, damp cloth wrapped around your finger. For those with partial dentures, ensure you brush your remaining natural teeth with a soft toothbrush and don’t neglect flossing.

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Your consultation will include an examination of everything from your teeth, gums and soft tissues to the shape and condition of your bite. Generally, we want to see how your whole mouth looks and functions. Before we plan your treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetic of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The dentures that replace all the teeth are known as complete dentures They rest right on your gums over the bones of your mouth. The stability and retention of these dentures can be improved by attaching them to dental implants. Dentures that replace some but not all of the teeth are called partial dentures. They attach to the teeth that are still present and also cover and rest on the gums and bone where the teeth are missing.

The cost of dentures will depend on the kind of denture you need and the complexity of your dental care. We will provide you with a quote after your first consultation.

We will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions for your dentures. Here’s a quick reminder: While your dentures are removed, be sure to clean and massage your gums. If your toothbrush hurts your gums, run it under warm water to make it softer or try using a finger wrapped in a clean, damp cloth. If you have partial dentures, brush your natural teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss.

Always remove your dentures overnight to give your mouth a chance to rest. Soak them in warm water with or without denture cleanser. If your dentures have metal clasps, only use warm water for soaking, as other soaking solutions can tarnish the metal. When you’re not wearing your dentures, keep them in water to stop them from drying out or warping. Never use hot water for soaking.

When you first get your dentures you may have to start with soft foods until your mouth becomes accustomed to your new teeth. Some minor irritation may occur during this time. As you get used to your new dentures you can begin introducing more challenging foods back into your diet. Use a knife and fork to start the chewing process for you, chewing slowly using your teeth in the back of your mouth. You may use a small amount of denture adhesive to hold your dentures in place. For a more secure fit, you may consider implant supported dentures.

Your health and comfort are important to us. Having dentures measured, created and fitted isn’t normally painful at all. However, you may possibly need to have teeth extracted, periodontal treatment or dental surgery to make you a suitable candidate for dentures and there may be a period of discomfort after you get your dentures while you get used to them.
We will talk to you well in advance about your recommended treatment plan, all of your options, the risks involved and what we can do to minimize any stress and discomfort. Sedation options are available.

Both partial dentures and bridges are used to replace missing teeth and dental bridges are sometimes called “Fixed Partial Dentures” so it is easy to see where the confusion comes from. The most simple explanation is that partial dentures are easily removable and a bridge is permanently cemented in place.
Bridges are also just the tooth part whereas partial dentures nearly always have pink acrylic ‘artificial gums’ to which prosthetic teeth are attached.

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